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GT Setup Tool


You can download the latest firmware, applications, and manuals.


  • GT System Setup Tool  Copyright(C) 2013 Aiphone Co.,Ltd
    File name : GT_SYSTEM_SETUP_TOOL(D).zip
    Version : 1.20
    File size : 36.4MB
    Release Date : July.2013
    Changes : Support Windows 8
    History :
    Ver. 1.11: 9.4.2012
    • Allows the Security Guard station(s) ID to be input as Room ID #. GT-MK Room ID # information might be removed when the data is imported with Version 1.10. Please make sure to use Version 1.11 when the system includes GT-MK.
    Ver. 1.10: 3.13.2012
    • Minor software improvements to the import feature.
    • The USB driver was updated (Ver5.4.24.0 → Ver6.5.0.0).
    Ver. 1.00: 1.27.2011


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