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Examples of Popular Applications

Commercial facilities and offices

All-in-one system for internal communication and emergency assistance.

The new IX enables mutual communication between commercial facilities and offices combining emergency assistance functionality at parking areas, staircases and toilets. All-in-one system configuration also enables support for outside lines.

system diagram


All-in-one system for help points, communication between remote stations, and video surveillance.

Respond to calls and queries from ticket machines, ticket gates, and platforms with video monitoring. Communication between remote stations is also possible.

system diagram


All-in-one system for door entry management, call transfer for after hours, emergency paging and announcements.

Management of entry and exit points integrated with access control is possible. The system can also be used to enable teachers and staff members to easily communicate with one another. After hours control for schools within the district can be performed at a central control site. Furthermore, use IX for paging and school-wide announcements.

system diagram

Parking facilities

All-in-one system for emergency calls, remote control of distant parking spaces, and video surveillance.

Audio communication and video identification allow for immediate response where assistance is needed. Crime prevention can be enhanced further through simultaneous installation of network cameras.

system diagram

Highway tunnels

Emergency help point system for tunnels and evacuation routes with integrated CCTV functionality.

Use IX rescue assistance stations to create a communication system for emergency and evacuation purposes. Use IX system’s unique system status functionality to create a robust and reliable communication network.

system diagram

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