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Features|IX SYSTEM|IP Network Audio-Video Intercom

Broad coverage through network connections.

Full IP-network compatibility, simple installation, and excellent flexibility. Image of Broad coverage through network connections.

Unlimited number of IX units can be connected

Up to 9999* call address registrations in IX master stations. Extreme scalability - use for installations of any size.

* Expanded mode
* Standard mode up to 500 call addresses

max.9999 addresses

Peer to peer configuration results in space savings, reduced installation time, and lower cost

Simply connect the units to Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches. No need for a dedicated server, with the additional benefit of eliminating the risk of system downtime due to server malfunction.

No Server

No wiring distance limitations

LAN and VPN connections enable implementation over multiple interconnected networks and between remote locations. This allows for closed circuit communication and central control in large facilities, between corporate and satellite offices, and any type of application with multiple locations.

No distance limitations

PoE design

Electrical power is supplied over the LAN port connection.

No Power adapter

New level of integration flexibility.

Enhanced security through integration. Integration

Compatible with third-party systems

The IX System is compatible with the ONVIF* Profile S interface specifications for network camera equipment. This allows the intercom to be used with third-party systems, enabling interoperability of integrated IP systems. The open API allows for configuring IP systems with greater flexibility.

ONVIF compatible VMS/NVR system Access control system.

* ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) : The interface specifications established by ONVIF provide standards that enable exchange of live video and audio as well as control information by surveillance cameras and other network video devices, even among products from different manufacturers.

Examples of Integration

Use with a Video Management System and Access Control

Interconnection with an ONVIF Profile S-compatible network camera system lets you transform door stations into surveillance cameras for enhanced security and facial identification of visitors. Integrate with video management systems for 24/7 recording. Integration with third-party access control is also possible.

Clearly identify visitors with both the intercom and network camera.

Clearly identify visitors with both the intercom and network camera.

Linking IP cameras with the IX System allows the user to view 2 video feeds simultaneously* from the master station. Increase security and situational awareness.

*only for IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B and IX-MV7-W

Clearly identify visitors with both the intercom and network camera.

IP-PBX lntegration

IP-PBX integration enables the IX System to be used as a part of your internal telephone network. Make receive and transfer calls, answer visitors and release doors.

*Integration available for CISCO system only. For further details, please contact your local distributor.

IP-PBX lntegration

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