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A history of innovation and reliability.

Founded in 1948 in Nagoya , Aiphone has grown to be the world's largest manufacturer of intercom systems.
We have earned a position of leadership by focusing on quality every step of the way. Through our strong commitment to Total Quality Control we constantly seek ways to improve our products and our processes.
The result is a worldwide reputation for technological advancements, abroad range of products, and--most important of all--customer satisfaction.
The following events trace the story of how Aiphone has built that reputation:

1948 Aiphone Company LTD is founded.

The first Aiphone intercoms are mass produced.

The first Aiphone intercom with two-way handsfree type(1951)

Aiphone becomes a registered brand name internationally.

The first transistor-type Intercom(1960)
1957 The fist export of AIPHONE products to South Africa.
(PB type open-voice intercom system) >> The beginning of export business

Produced First Transistorized Intercom.


1959 Renamed the company name as AIPHONE CO., LTD.
1966 The first apartment system is produced for overseas market.

Aiphone opens a U.S. subsidiary, Aiphone Corporation Seattle, Washington.

1975 The MarketCom System is introduced in North America for paging in Super Market.
1976 Aiphone applies Total Quality Control procedures all phases of design, production, and distribution.
1979 The first central exchange microprocessor-based intercom systems are introduced.
1981 Aiphone becomes the first intercom manufacturer to earn the Deming Prize--the most prestigious international award for quality control.

The first coaxial cable-based audio/video door answering systems are introduced.

The first audio-/video door answering system(1982)


1983 The first B&W Video Intercom is introduced.
1985 Aiphone begins production of residential telephone systems. The first multi-unit apartment-condo audio/video security system is introduced.
1986 The new 18,700-square-meter (207,000 sq. ft.) Aiphone factory opens in Toyota City.
1988 VC-M type apartment system is produced. >> The beginning of production in China.
1989 The first two-wire audio-video entry system is introduce
1990 Aiphone becomes a publicly traded company listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange. The first modular audio/video/radio intercom is introduced.
1991 Aiphone Corporation receives a GSA(General Services Administration) Contract as a recognized supplier to the U.S. government. The first multi-directional PanTilt video entry system is introduced.
The first multi-directional Pan Tilt Video Intercom System is introduced.

Aiphone becomes the first manufacturer worldwide to receive ISO 9001 certification, recognized internationally as the hallmark of production quality standards.

ISO 9001
1994 Aiphone establishes subsidiary offices in Hong Kong to supervise manufacturing and subassembly in China. The MarketCom MC-60/4 paging system, the first system produced in China, succeeds the MC-3, the most popular paging system for retail stores in North America.
1995 Aiphone established subsidiary office in Antwerp, Belgium as a Distribution Center for the European countries.
1996 Aiphone established subsidiary offices in Dusseldorf, Germany and Wissous, France.
1997 NHX type nurse call system is produced.
>>The entering to the North American Care market.

The first Aiphone color video entry system is developed.


1999 Aiphone Co. Ltd. receives ISO 14001 Certification. (Aiphone factory)
2000 -Aiphone expands its line of multiple station color video systems with Tilt camera control.
-Aiphone Co. Ltd. is listed in 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
-Aiphone established new factory in Chonburi, Thailand.
2001 Establishes and begins production at AIPHONE COMMUNICATIONS (THAILAND).
2002 -Two-Wire Electric Lock Door Phone DA system is introduced.
2003 -GF Audio & Video apartment system is introduced.
2004 -Hands-free Color Video Intercom JB Series is introduced.

-Opens the new office building in France.

-ISO-14001 is certified for Headquarters sections and Taiho site.
-GH color video apartment system is introduced.
-Integrated Security & Communication System AX series is introduced.
-Hands-free color video intercom JF series is introduced.

The recent hands-free color video intercom system.
2008 Establishes the new production site AIPHONE COMMUNICATIONS (VIETNAM).

Introduces the “Wide and Zoom & Pan/Tilt color video intercom system.


Aiphone established subsidiary office in Singapore.


Aiphone established subsidiary office in Shanghai.


Aiphone established subsidiary office in Australia.


Headquarters relocation.

Aiphone established subsidiary office in United Kingdom.