President's Message


Shusaku Ichikawa, Tomio Suzuki

We will continue to provide peace of mind, safety and comfort to people all over the world through communication and security technologies and services.

Founded in 1948, Aiphone has been engaged in intercoms for over 70 years. We tried to spread it from the time when the existence was not recognized yet, and now it has become irreplaceable.
The communication and security technologies that Aiphone has cultivated up to now are expanding the field of activity to various scenes where people are active, such as housing, hospitals, nursing facilities, office buildings and so on.

What we cherish in that is the business philosophy that we have established since our founding. It is a quality assurance that fulfills our responsibilities as a manufacturer and an attitude to pursue the true satisfaction of our customers.

At the 75 years in business, we at Aiphone changed the structure aiming for the next stage with a new feeling. In order to further pursue customer value, we will respond more flexibly to the needs of society. As a company specializing in communication devices, we are committed to the unwavering determination of Aiphone as we continue to deliver safety, security and comfort to our customers.


Chairman and CEO
(Representative Director)

Shusaku Ichikawa

(Representative Director)

Tomio Suzuki