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Residential Properties

AIPHONE's doorphone and video intercoms are known for exceptional reliability and these effectively addressing your security needs in your residence. In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional doorbells to intercoms in both apartment complexes and single-family homes alike. Our product range includes video intercoms that allow you to visually confirm your visitors, as well as smartphone-compatible intercoms for remote assistance, and wireless video doorphones/wireless video intercoms.

This page provides product information for any types of residential housing: Apartment Building, Multi-Family Building, Condominium (Condo), Townhouse, Apartment Complex, Co-op (Housing Cooperative), High-Rise Building, Low-Rise Building, Housing Estate, Villa, Mansion, Detached Houses, Single Unit Housing, Single-Family Homes, Standalone Houses, Single-Dwelling Units, Independent Houses, and Single-Occupancy Houses, Public Housing, Social Housing, Housing Authority Housing, Government Housing, and more.

AIPHONE's global network of authorized distributors is ready to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your project.