Product Security Policy

The risk of cyber attacks caused by network vulnerabilities is increasing with the rapid development of the Internet and IT technology. As a company that provides intercom systems, nurse call systems for medical and care facilities, and their related services, we provide our customers with highly secure products and strive to improve the level of security in the usage environment from the customer’s perspective.

Information Security Initiatives

We make our employees and all collaborators aware of the importance of information security, and work on maintenance and improvement activities to ensure that information assets are properly managed.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations (Establishment of Compliance)

Our company shall comply with and conform to relevant laws, standards, and other regulations for our information security initiatives, and shall comply with the spirit of these laws and other standards.

Protection of Information Assets

In order to protect our customers’ and our company’s information assets from threats to confidentiality and availability and to ensure business continuity, our company will implement the most appropriate management measures for each of our divisions and affiliated companies, as well as for our partner companies, to the extent possible, in accordance with the nature and form of the business.

Education of Information Security

Our company will raise awareness of information security among directors and employees through education and training, and practice information security throughout the company.

Prevention of Incidents

Our company strives to prevent the occurrence of incidents related to information security, and if an incident should occur, we will promptly take appropriate measures, including not only response to the incident but also measures to prevent recurrence.