Intercom Facilitating Comfortable Communication Within Schools with No Limits on Quantity or Distance!

Intercom Facilitating Comfortable Communication Within Schools with No Limits on Quantity or Distance!

No Limits on Quantity or Distance! We respond to the unique installation needs of schools

In a school environment with vast premises and numerous classrooms, traditional doorbell systems may pose challenges such as limited communication distance and a restricted number of connections. To address these issues, we present the IX series, offering flexible installation options tailored to your specific needs.


  • Discover Tailored Solutions for Schools' Unique Installation Needs!
  • Four Features of the Perfect-for-Schools IX series:
    1. Usable without worrying about communication range, number of units, or installation location
    2. No limitations on the number of connected units!
    3. Wide temperature range compatibility
    4. Comfortable communication with a video intercom where faces can be seen
  • The Importance of School Security

Discover Tailored Solutions for Schools' Unique Installation Needs!

In many cases, schools with vast campuses and numerous classrooms have unique needs when it comes to installing their distinctive intercom systems. Schools, often with expansive grounds and multiple locations requiring terminals, face challenges specific to their environment. The AIPHONE IX series is designed to address these specific requirements.

Security for a large site like a school has its own challenges

Feature 1: Usable without Concerns for Communication Distance, Quantity, or Installation Location

Generally, voice-only intercoms are said to have longer communication distances than Video Intercoms that transmit images. However, in facilities with extensive grounds, such as schools, there are often devices that cannot meet the requirement of 'wanting to see not only hear.' The AIPHONE IX series is designed to address such distance-related challenges, making it possible to resolve issues in facilities like schools where users may desire both voice and video communication.

The IX series is compatible with IP networks, offering flexible connection options tailored to your installation environment. You can achieve long-distance connections through the extension of LAN cables, conversion to optical cables, wireless connections, and more. Additionally, it is possible to utilize existing communication lines (AE lines) by converting them to IP, making it easier for you to consider transitioning to the IX series when updating your intercom system.

Examples of flexible connection options: Extending PoE signal, Communication via optical cable, Wireless communication, Changing existing communication line (AE line) to IP network

Feature 2: No Restrictions on the Number of Connected Devices

The IX series has no restrictions on the number of terminals you can install. Whether it's classrooms, main entrances, back doors, gymnasiums, playgrounds, libraries, health rooms, offices, or any other location, you can install intercoms everywhere, fulfilling the desire for 'I want an intercom here too.

Required connectivity devices and placement examples within a school.

Feature 3: Suitable for Outdoor Use in Harsh Conditions

We provide durable doorphone terminals with features such as water and dust resistance (IP65 protection rating) and strong resistance to impact (IK08 protection rating). This ensures durability in outdoor environments, from poolside areas with water exposure to dusty playgrounds and school gates. With a temperature range of -40°C to +60°C, they can be used in extreme cold environments like Helsinki, Finland, and Yellowknife, Canada, as well as in hot climates like Bangalore, India, and Mecca, Saudi Arabia, ensuring reliable operation.

Outdoor station that can withstand water, dust, and shock.

Feature 4: Comfortable Communication with Face-to-Face Intercom

The IX series comes equipped with a camera and monitor on the master unit, allowing for versatile applications. Whether you need to show documents on the screen while explaining them to a teacher in a different classroom from the school staff room or communicate through text or sign language in scenarios involving hearing impairments, the IX series proves useful in various situations. The ability to see the other person's face while interacting enables you to progress the conversation based on visual cues, making communication more accessible and user-friendly.

Video calls between classrooms and staff rooms are possible.

The Importance of School Security

In countries such as Southeast Asia and India, there is an urgent need to enhance security in educational institutions. One major reason is the emergence of incidents and criminal activities targeting schools. In India, there has been a series of events targeting school infrastructure, and in the southern Philippines, incidents occurred where intruders entered schools, taking children hostage. In response to such events, there has been a concerted effort to enhance security measures, particularly in public facilities in recent years. This includes the strategic placement of security personnel, the installation of surveillance cameras, and the implementation of intercom systems.

Surveillance camera

Traditional security equipment like surveillance cameras and intercoms often require wiring installations. However, in facilities with expansive premises like schools, challenges arise due to the necessity for long-distance wiring. Additionally, these traditional systems have drawbacks, such as the difficulty in identifying the location of cable damage when it occurs. And in cases where there are limitations on the number of connections, facilities with multiple entrances, such as schools, may find it challenging.

However, with the IX series, you can overcome these concerns as it allows for the installation of security equipment without restrictions on the number of connections or specific installation locations. Installing the IX series at all entrances of the school enables quick sharing of visitor information, providing timely updates to school staff and supporting security personnel. In some cases, this may even lead to a reduction in security staffing. In case of emergencies, the emergency button on the intercom subunits installed in each classroom can be pressed to quickly confirm the situation using the monitor-equipped parent intercom. The introduction of the IX series enhances communication within each classroom and rapid information sharing and response during emergencies.


If you're facing challenges with the installation or upgrade of intercom systems within your school, such as "having a large campus with difficult wiring" or a desire to "flexibly adapt installation locations and numbers according to needs", we recommend the AIPHONE IX series. We offer customized intercom system proposals based on your school's environment and requirements.

AIPHONE is a leading office and commercial intercom manufacturer representing Japan, with sales subsidiaries in the United States, France, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Our self-owned factories in Thailand and Vietnam, along with certified local agents worldwide, support the security of facilities in 70 countries. Our network of sales agents spans various countries, including India, Indonesia, Finland, and Australia, offering security support for facilities worldwide.

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