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GF-NS Setup Tool

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GF-NS Setup Tool Version 1.02 Copyright(C) 2002 Aiphone Co., Ltd.


・ Outline
・ Install / Uninstall
・ Compatibility
・ Information


GF-NS Setup Tool is used for programming and registration on your PC.

Select Language
Select a language to be displayed on PC.
The language selected here does not have any effect on GF-NS.
To choose language displayed on GF-NS, use "Select LCD language" in Main Menu.

Main Menu

Select LCD language:
Choose language to be displayed on GF-NS.
Change ID code:
Change ID code.
Enter new ID Code starting with *, then 4 digits.
Change Access Code:
Change Access code.
Enter new 4-digit Access Code.
Resident Information:
Registers Residence # and Resident Name.
Enter Resident # using 3- or 4-digit numbers.
Enter Resident Name (up to 16 characters).
* If it is not necessary to register a Residence number, enter only the Resident names.
A Residence number will automatically be assigned to each Resident name.
* Enter Resident Name using Capital letters A to Z,
. (period), -(hyphen), /(slash) and ,(comma).
Residence number can only be numbers (0 to 9).
Set Timer:
Operation Timer:

If the operation panel is not operated for a
certain period of time, the system returns to standby mode.
Programmable from 15 to 99 seconds.

Program Timer:

If, in Residence Programming mode, the operation
panel is not operated for a certain period of time,
it automatically cancels the programming mode.
Programmable from 30 to 99 seconds.

Change greeting:
Change Greeting Message while GF-NS is in stand-by mode.
Enter Greeting Message (up to 160 characters).
* When Greeting Message which appears on LCD includes more than 17 characters,
the message will scroll automatically.
* Enter Greeting Message using Capital letters A to Z,
. (period), -(hyphen), /(slash) and ,(comma).

Sub Menu

GF-NS Setup Tool opens, the *.gfn created and saved by the GF-NS Set-up Tool.
Saves each item programmed with GF-NS Setup Tool as a
*.gfn file.
Save As:
Saves as a *.gfn file edited.
Prints the items checked.

* If printing errors occur, try printing to a different printer.
* If errors persist, the .gfn file can be opened and printed using
a standard text editor (such as MS Word or Notepad)

Select COM Port:
Selects which port of the PC the GF-NS is connected to.
Registers in the GF-NS what has been programmed by
the GF-NS Setup Tool.

For ID code, enter ID code registered in GF-NS.
* Only functional after GF-NS has been connected to PC.
* Data exported to GF-NS, overwrites existing data.

Reads the data registered in GF-NS, and utilizes each item
of the GF-NS Setup Tool.

For ID code, enter ID code registered in GF-NS.
* Only functional after GF-NS has been connected to PC.

Install / Uninstall

To install the setup program on your computer:
Locate and activate "gf_setup.exe" file, and the proper files
will be created on your computer.

When "gf_tool.exe" is activated, proceed with the GF-NS Setup Tool

Move the file to be deleted into the trash.


The software operates on the following systems;
Operable: Microsoft(R) Windows(R)95 or later.

As to Windows;
Operable: 95/98/Me/2000/XP.

* Before using the Export/Import commands, quit any other
applications open on your PC. (Such as MS EXEL, MS WORD, etc.)


File Name serviced:
GF-NS Setup Tool.exe
without limitation
Except when the programming has been altered using
a tool, etc., it is prohibited to distribute the file.
Secondary Production:
The copyright of the secondary production using GF-NS
Setup Tool all goes to the creator.
The producer is not responsible for any loss or damage
in your PC caused by the use of GF-NS Setup Tool.

Producer: AIPHONE CO., LTD.


Copyright(C) AIPHONE CO., LTD. All rights reserved