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Expanded Chime Tone System


Selective or All Call between Room Stations


  • Two doors with selective door release
  • Room-to-room calling or All Call
  • Easy 4-conductor internal wiring
  • 2 wires to door stations, same as doorbell
  • External signaling device can be added.
  • AC or DC powered
  • PanTilt video can be added. (MK series)

System Components

Audio door stations

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Surface mount

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Flush, stainless steel

IE/IF Series : Weather-resistant, 2-wire stations.
For IE Chime Tone, IE-8, TD-H/B via DE-UR, KB-3MRD (3rd entry) , TC-M via TB-AD1, or TB-AD10

  • LED indicates system is on.

Sub station

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6-call sub master