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  • Important notice about JO Series firmware update.

    Jul. 18, 2019

    Both Intercom App Type B and JO-1MDW must be updated to ver. 2.10 or later.

    New version of the firmware for JO-1MDW and Intercom App Type B was released on July 18th. The JO-1MDW and Intercom App Type B must be updated to the latest version, or connection error will occur.

    How to update

Software download

(Please refer to Operation manual for update method.)

  • JO-1MDW firmware Ver.2.11
    File name: JO-1MDW_VerUP211.bin
    File size: 7.0 MB
    Release Date: Sep/10/2019
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Ver. 2.10: Improved the response time. Minor bug fixes.,Jul/18/2019
    • Ver. 2.00: Improved the response time. Minor bug fixes. Modification of some wordings.,Apr/19/2019
    • Ver. 1.02: Added video quality adjustment. Modification of some wordings.


Operation manual

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