Intercom system for an office building requiring access control

Adding Security and Communication to an Office Building


A small office building located in center of the city faced frequent intrusions by suspicious individuals, and the building owner was considering improving security measures in conjunction with building renovations. Despite having an audio entrance intercom and access control installed at the street-facing entrance, it was inadequate. The system relied solely on audio communication, which sometimes led to tenants remotely unlocking the door without verifying visitors, or suspicious individuals sometimes gaining unauthorized access to the building by piggybacking on visitors.

Additionally, the owner was concerned that when a visitor called the room station in the office, their voice could be heard by others in the office, potentially disrupting their work and revealing the visitor's identity.

Intercom system for an office building requiring access control


The building owner selected an IP video intercom system. The entrance intercom station featured a camera, allowing tenants to visually and audibly verify visitors and remotely unlock the door. This enabled tenants to assess the identity of visitors and their surroundings, making it easier to spot suspicious individuals.

The handset was equipped on the room station, the staff communicated with a visitor through a handset when a visitor called from the entrance.

The renovation of offices is expected to become increasingly active not only in the United States but also in the UK, Australia, and EU countries such as France, Belgium, and Germany. The timing of the office building's renovation offers an excellent opportunity to review the security system. It's a valuable chance to simplify and strengthen access control, which will enhance the overall safety of the office. This will provide peace of mind and security for both tenants and visitors, ultimately improving the working environment. Don't overlook this important upgrade for your office building!

System configuration example for an office building

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