Delivering a solution that dramatically enhances security, living convenience, and management efficiency, the IXG System caters to the needs of visitors, tenants, and property managers alike. Providing comfortable and secure communication, this system not only enriches the living experience but also elevates the asset value of your property. The IXG System offers a user-friendly smartphone application, management tools, and seamless integration with the IX system and third-party IP systems, accommodating large-scale facilities and fulfilling the diverse needs of residential complexes, commercial spaces, and offices.

IX SYSTEM Components

Elevate Security

The IXG System enhances security with an access control feature, balancing the exclusion of suspicious visitors with the smooth entry of tenants. The system achieves this through clear video identification, strict checks by guards, and secure and seamless unlocking via QR code authentication.

Elevate Security image

Flexible Communication

Facilitate flexible communication within families, among relatives or friends living in different flats, and between residents and guards. The integration of smartphones with the IXG System allows instant contact even when outside the tenant building, enhancing the convenience of daily living.

Flexible Communication image

Property Management

The IXG System streamlines property management with tools like tenant notifications, the Intercom App for multiple properties, and monitoring software to oversee system error. This supports property managers in efficiently handling tenant building management.

							Management image

Seamless Integration

Configure the system to your needs through seamless integration with the IX system, IP camera, IP-PBX, and various other third-party IP systems. This adaptability makes it ideal for use in complex buildings meeting the unique demands of an environment.

							Integration image