Perfect system for small offices and other commercial sites, as well as small to large home and residential locations

The JP Series of intercoms provide high quality functions for diverse range of commercial applications, residential styles, and various applications.

Commercia Campus

Great solution for sites with several facilities, such as offices, factories, and warehouses

The JP Series is the optimal intercom system for communication between areas at diffrent locations on the same grounds. The also provides internal communication between diffrent office buildings, main-gate security, CCTV surveillance rooms, and other locations.

Example: Commercia Campusl

Other Recommended Installation Sites

Example: Commercia Campus2


Example: Commercia Campus3

Retail shops

Residential Dwelling

Flexible communication and security capability for a private residence

The JP Series also provides internal communication and monitoring between all other stations with a push of a button. Greater security integrating a separate security camera, smoke detector or other prevention devices.

Example: Residential Dwellingl

Other Recommended Installation Sites

Residential Dwelling2

Small offices