Product Support Status

Software support period for smartphone-linked/IP network products

Information regarding software security updates and support periods will be posted at the end of sales.

As of January 2024, there are no products whose support period has ended.

List of target devices

Due to laws and regulations in some regions, it is necessary to list the support period, which are listed below for the applicable models.
As the sales end date has not yet been determined, the support period is tentatively set as the year of publication on the website plus 5 years. The number of years listed will be extended until the sale end date is determined.

Product Model Number Components End of Support
JO-1MDW Master station December, 2029
GT-1C7W Color display tenant station December, 2029
IXGW-GW Gateway Adaptor December, 2029
IXGW-TGW Telephone Gateway Adaptor December, 2029