Intercom system for a power plant requiring enhanced gate access control

Adding Security and Communication to a Power Plant


In a certain power plant, access control gates were installed to manage personnel entry and exit. The facility administrators were considering implementing additional security measures in place. In addition to the existing methods of confirming identities through audio intercom communication and ID card checks at each access control gate, they were considering the introduction of an additional security layer, such as security guards in the security office visually verify individuals before granting access. Given the access control gates' frequent use by numerous personnel, user-friendliness was crucial.

Some of these access control gates were located in noisy areas due to turbines and other sources. This noise made it difficult for both parties to hear during communication. Consequently, the facility administrators requested a system that would enable clear voice confirmation even in such noisy environments.

Intercom system for a power plant requiring enhanced gate access control


The facility administrators selected the IP video intercom system. User-friendly video door stations were installed at the gates, allowing visual and voice verifications from the security office. Furthermore, the IP video intercom system was equipped with automatic recording features, archiving audio and video records of gate visitors, enhancing preparedness for unexpected situations.

Since the door station utilized an open voice communication method, it picked up ambient noise, making conversation difficult in noisy environments. To address this, a custom-made product was adapted, incorporating a handset into the video door station for communication via the handset instead of open voice, allowing clear communication even in noisy conditions.

Power plants are essential energy infrastructures worldwide. The current global situation has led to increased demands for higher security levels to prevent unauthorized access to these facilities. However, there is also an increasing demand for security personnel to ensure rigorous security measures while maintaining the efficiency of screening processes.

While this situation has arisen in Japan, it could also become necessary in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and European Union member states such as France, Belgium, and Germany.

The renovation of offices is expected to become increasingly active not only in the United States but also in the UK, Australia, and EU countries such as France, Belgium, and Germany. The timing of the office building's renovation offers an excellent opportunity to review the security system. It's a valuable chance to simplify and strengthen access control, which will enhance the overall safety of the office. This will provide peace of mind and security for both tenants and visitors, ultimately improving the working environment. Don't overlook this important upgrade for your office building!

System configuration example for a power plant

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