IX SYSTEM : IP Network Audio-Video Intercom

IX SYSTEM Components

Greater flexibility, covering more applications.

IX System – getting the job done for a wide range of business applications, while providing connectivity and integration with third-party IP systems.

Full IP-based Peer to Peer Audio-Video Intercom System

Communicate between an infinite number of door / master stations with no distance limitations.
Reduce costs as no server is required to build a system.

Integration with other IP-based systems

Utilizing an existing IP infrastructure, IX System can be integrated with Video Management Systems, Access Control Systems, and Network Camera Systems, etc. Combining security components saves time and resources during set-up and training. Moreover, IX System can be integrated with IP-PBX*1, which enables the IX System to be used as a part of your internal telephone network.

*1 There are regulations in each country for connecting to a PBX system.

24/7 Monitoring / Recording

Video from door stations can be monitored and recorded with third-party VMS*2 / NVR*3 systems. Enhance security level for all types of applications.

*2 VMS (Video Management System) : This refers to video management software using an IP network. Servers and cameras from any manufacturer can be installed, enabling configuration of systems matched to user needs.
*3 NVR (Network Video Recorder) : This is a device that records video feed from a network camera over an IP network.

Integrate and upgrade previously installed IX Systems

Use the existing network infrastructure while providing powerful new options.

Aiphone offers the ideal intercom system for a diverse range of applications that leverage your IP network.

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