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Video Multi-Tenant System

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GT system is ideal for large scale residential developments with multiple buildings. Style mixed with IP technology. Enable creation of new solutions.


Tenant Station

7-inch Display

  • High-resolution, 7-inch display makes visitors easy to recognize.
  • Functional design, intuitive control: illuminated easy-to-see buttons for door release and communication during calls from entrances.

Wide / Zoom & PanTilt

  • Panoramic Wide Angle View

    To provide effective security, GT System features a wide angle camera that enables you to see a clear panoramic view. Easily see and identify visitors standing on the sides and people of all heights.

Door release

  • Confirm the visitor and surroundings then open the entrance from inside.

Selection of tenant stations for all needs

Color display tenant station

  • 7-inch display
  • Hands-free

Color display tenant station

  • 3.5-inch display
  • Hands-free

Color display tenant station

  • 3.5-inch display
  • Picture memory
  • Optional individual door station
  • Optional handset (GT-HS)

Audio tenant station

  • Hands-free

Audio tenant station

  • Handset

Entrance Station

Panoramic view angle & clear color image

  • 170° angle wide view camera.
  • White light LED illuminates
    automatically in low-light

Optional security camera for more security

  • Connect an additional CCTV camera. You can select one of the cameras placed at the entrance for monitoring. This allows you to confirm visitors from various angles, thus enabling the prevention of intrusion by suspicious individuals.

NFC Reader

  • Use the NFC reader or access codes for lock control.
  • The NFC reader can also be used for programming the system.

2 panel styles

  • 2 styles to choose from: All-in-one type or Module type.
  • Module type allows audio only and other configurations.

Guard Station

3.5-inch display

  • Easy operation for all guard functions.
  • Video monitoring of entrance stations.

Wide / Zoom & PanTilt

  • See the 170° wide view video from the entrance stations.
  • Use zoom and pantilt functions for a detailed view.

Reception mode function

  • Using this function, all entrance station calls are automatically transferred to the guard station, giving the security guard the ability to screen visitors.

Can connect an individual video door station (JO-DV)

  • Automatic LED illuminator for low light conditions.

System Variation

Single building system

  • Ideal for small- and medium-size residential buildings.
  • Audio only configuration also possible.

Maximum Capacity

Tenant building / section
Standard system Expanded system
Entrance station 5 16
Guard station 2 4
Tenant station 48*1 500

*1: Up to 100 GT-1D audio tenant stations can be connected when configuring a standard audio only system.

Multi building system

  • Install one system for housing complexes with multiple buildings.
  • Cover a building with more than 500 units with one system.
  • Building management from anywhere via IP network connection.
  • Audio only configuration for tenant buildings also possible.

Maximum Capacity (Number of stations are per building / section)

Tenant building / section Main building / section
Entrance station 4 15 4 15
Guard station 1 3 1 3
Tenant station 48 500 - -

Total maximum capacity
(Total for tenant building / section and main building / section)

Entrance station 480
Guard station 96
Tenant station 5,000

New Technology

IP technology

  • Multiple tenant buildings and main buildings can be connected via an IPnetwork to create a multi building system for centralized management.
  • A maximum of 24 tenant buildings and 8 main buildings can be connected.
  • Multiple tenant buildings can be combined to accommodate large-scale residential buildings with more than 500 units.
  • Connects buildings together and enables communication.

System programming and NFC technology

Easy system setting on a PC or Android mobile device

  • Settings can be made from a PC or Android mobile device by using GT Setup Tool.
  • Supported OS:Windows 7, 8.1, 10.*1
  • Supported Android OS version: Android 5.0 and greater.

*1: For operating systems not listed, please contact your Aiphone dealer.

Uploading the setting data

Uploading using an Android mobile device
for GT-DMB-N, GT-DB-VN, GT-MKB-N, GT-BCXB-N (W/NFC reader)

Connecting a unit to a PC via USB

Uploading using a network connection

  • Features
  • System Configuration
  • Components
  • Support and Download