April 20th, 2022

JO-1MDW firmware Ver.2.24 was released on March 10th.
This version may not be able to reconnect automatically to the wireless LAN when the network was disconnected. When JO-1MDW will notbe reconnected to the network automatically, please perform the Connection Check accroding to the following procedures and try reconnecting to the network.
Settings --> Other Settings --> Network --> Manual Setup --> Connection Check


JO Series with smartphone connectivity.
Enhanced convenience and security for your home and office.

Smartphone connection

Smartphone application
provides connectivity

Have the functionality of the master station in your pocket

  • Answer calls from the door station
  • Monitor activity at the door station
  • Operate electric locks while answering a call
  • Control external devices while answering a call
  • Choose to have open or private conversations, easily switch when necessary
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out functions

Connect your smartphone in 3 simple steps

1:Install application, 2:Register with master station, 3:Done

Master Station

Master Station
1 Door × 2 Room × 8 Smartphone
  • Easy operation with 7-inch touchscreen
  • Total hands-free communication
  • 1 Door × 2 Rooms × 8 Smartphones

Touchscreen Operation

Touch panel image
Touch Scene
Icon : Smartphone

Smartphone connection

Control when calls are forwarded to mobile devices.

Icon : Setting


Manage system settings.

Icon : Information


Confirm system updates and other important notifications.

Icon : Key

Door release

Operate the electric lock connected to the master station.

Icon : Play button


Play and manage call recordings.

Icon : Output

Option output

Control external devices connected to the master station.

Icon : Monitoring


Monitor activity at your door.

Icon : Talking


Communicate with the door station.

Video Recording

Record visitors when you're unable to answer their calls. Choose to view the recordings from the master station or your smartphone.

Video memory

  • Internal memory :10 calls(max)
  • SD card :1,000 calls(max)
Video recording scene.
View recorded calls anywhere

Door Station Options

Select from 3 different styles. All options can handle tough weather conditions.


Video recording scene.

IP54Dust and moisture resistant

Nighttime LEDNighttime LED


Video recording scene.

IP54Dust and moisture resistant

IK08Protected against vandalism.

ZINCZINC material

Nighttime LEDNighttime LED


Video recording scene.

IP54Dust and moisture resistant

IK07Protected against vandalism.


Nighttime LEDNighttime LED

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates ensure you always have the latest functionality and security.

Online update diagram.

Compatible with existing JO Series.

You can chage Standard Master Station (JO-1MD) to Wi-Fi Master Station (JO-1MDW), left existing door station.

Simple Installation

Connect all stations in the system with just 2 wires.

System Diagram