Video Tenant Station

  • 7 inch touchscreen LCD
  • Slim design blends seamlessly with the interior

Verifying Visitors

The large and clear image allows you to verify the visitors’ faces and appearances firmly, and unlock the door without any concern.

Incoming a call and talk screen


Automatically record video and audio of every visitor, enabling you to review visitors from the history during absence.

Video/audio recording screen.

Record approximately 10 seconds per call on a microSDHC card.

Flat-to-Flat Call

Enable to call other flats registered in the unit. Easily communicate with family members or friends residing in the same building.

Flat-to-Flat Call image

Calling the Elevator

Effortlessly call an elevator from your room by touching “Elevator” button. Enjoy the convenience of immediate access, even in a hurry.

Calling the Elevator image

Security Monitoring

You have the ability to monitor images from the entrance, door, or surveillance cameras in common areas directly from your room whenever you desire.

Security Monitoring image

Video/Audio station for tenant station

You can connect IX door station or doorbell to each tenant station.

Security Monitoring image

Intercom App

Tenant/Property Manager Office

Intercom App image

Answering calls anywhere inside or outside your home

Calls from the entrance station or the video tenant station can be answered using your smartphone. Wherever you are, you can communicate with visitors while checking their images and unlock the door lock. When you want to check the entrance area, you can also monitor the video on your smartphone.

Answer calls with mobile device image

Calling and communicating from Intercom App

With your smartphone, communication with intercom stations in your flat, other flats, and the property manager office is available. Even if you are unable to respond a call or if it gets disconnected in the middle of a communication, you can call back the caller precisely from the call history.

Calling and communicating from Intercom App image

Calls to a specific smartphone can only be made from the call history.

Guard Mode

The “Guard Mode” for owners or property managers is available. Manage up to 10 properties with a single smartphone, allowing you to call the tenants or respond to inquires. Additionally, to support tenants, display a QR code to register smartphone with a designated flat and also follow up on the registration to tenant's smartphone.

Guard Mode image

Using Intercom App

Up to 8 smartphones can be registered for each tenant and for each guard unit. To use the Intercom App, a gateway adaptor (IXGW-GW) and an internet connection are required.

Using Intercom App image

*Android is trademark of Google LLC.
*iOS is the OS name of Apple Inc. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.


Video Entrance Station

  • Approx. 170° wide angle camera
  • LED illumination for night vision
  • 7 inch touchscreen LCD
  • Audio and video recording in a microSDHC card

Selectable calling methods

You can select the most suitable option from four calling methods. The display and audio guidance support 12 languages, effectively providing instructions for operation and notifying the system status to visitors.

Selectable calling methods image

Either the Search by List Screen or Call by Directory is available depending on the setting.
Supported languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese

Unlocking the door with a QR code

Available to unlock the entrance door by authenticating the QR code. The QR code for release the door is generated through the Intercom App and shared with visitors. It can be generated with specified parameters such as number of uses, duration, time slots, entrance area etc. to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, a PIN code can be used for unlocking the entrance.

Unlocking the door with a QR code image

*QR code is a registered trademark or registered trademarks of Denso Wave Incorporated.

Communicate with guard looking at face

When calling the property manager office, the face of guard is displayed on the screen, allowing communication while looking at each other. This feature is suitable for supporting visitors with hearing impairments, offering assistance through sign language or written communication. With the Picture-in-Picture function, visitors can also check how they are taken with the camera.

Communicate with guard looking at face image

Calling IP phone

By integrating with an IP-PBX, you can call and communicate with IP phones directly from the entrance. Unlocking the entrance is also possible from the IP phone.

Calling IP phone image

*The guard station can also call IP phones.
*Integration is available for CISCO system (CUCM), Avaya system (Office, Aura), Digium system (Switchvox) and Alcatel-Lucent system (OXO, OXE). For further details, please contact your dealer.

*Some countries have local restrictions on connecting to a PBX.

Integration with NVR/VMS

IXG-DM7 is compatible with ONVIF Profile S, enabling efficient video surveillance and recording in NVR/VMS, just like IP cameras. This facilities effective monitoring of visitor's face and entrance areas, contributing to enhanced security.

Integration with NVR/VMS image.

*ONVIF and the ONVIF logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ONVIF, Inc.

Property Manager Office

Guard Station

  • 7 inch touchscreen LCD
  • Compatible with both desktop and wall-mount installation

Reception mode

For enhance security, a call from a visitor to tenant can be automatically transferred and initially handled by the guard. The guard confirms the purpose of the visit, and the call is only forwarded if the tenant’s consent is obtained. The tenant can then communicate with the visitor.

Reception mode image


When guards are absent or unable to respond promptly, calls are automatically transferred to anther guard station, enabling seamless handling without keeping the visitor waiting. It is also possible to put the call on hold and transfer during communication.

Transfer image


From the IXG Support Tool, the guard can send messages to tenant stations or smartphones. This eliminates the work of manually posting information such as regular equipment inspections or event notifications, allowing residents to quickly access the information. You can also select specific buildings or tenants for sending messages and even attach images.

Message image


Select all stations or buildings to page audio or prerecorded messages.

Audio and video recording

Automatically or manually record video and audio of visitors, saving them to a microSDHC/SDXC card.

Automatic system status supervision

Using the IXG Supervision Tool installed on a PC, you can quickly and accurately detect line or station failures, enhancing the system's reliability. It is also possible to receive email notifications in case of failures.

Automatic system status supervision image

Other Features

Seamless integration with IX System and other IP devices

Realizing seamless integration with all devices within the IX System, including IX-SOFT, as well as other third-party IP devices such as IP camera and NVR/VMS, the IXG system offers a one-stop solution for various scenarios in different buildings, ranging from residential complexes to office buildings and commercial facilities. It provides comprehensive support for functions such as visitor management, voice communication, emergency calls, 24/7 recording in the facilities, and more. Additionally, with the upgraded IXG support tool, nearly all configurations of IX devices can be managed. The integration is achieved not only in functionality but also in the settings interface.

Seamless integration with IX System and other IP devices image
Seamless integration with IX System and other IP devices image
Seamless integration with IX System and other IP devices image
Seamless integration with IX System and other IP devices image
Seamless integration with IX System and other IP devices image

System programming

Programming can be achieved using a PC running the IXG Support Tool. You can download IXG Support Tool from the AIPHONE website. Ensure the operating environment of your computer meets the following conditions.

OS Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
CPU 32 bit (x86) processor or 64 bit (x64) processor of 1GHz or higher
Memory 4GB RAM or higher
Screen resolution 1280×768 or greater

Image of setting system

System programming Image


  • We do not recommend using a wireless communication such as wireless LAN as it may not operate correctly due to security issues or communication speed delays.
  • For IPv4 Address with DHCP, due to the architecture of the IXG system, DHCP configuration is only recommended for network environments utilizing managed (static) IP address leasing.
  • For stateless IPv6 Address, do not change the prefix of the device so that it cannot transmit Router Advertisement (RA).
  • For IPv6 Address with DHCP, due to the architecture of the IXG system, DHCP configuration is only recommended for network environments utilizing managed (static) IP address leasing. The DUID of the device: 00030001 + MAC address
  • Depending on the network environment and computer, prior arrangements and setup operations involving the network administrator might be necessary.
  • Depending on the network environment, operation delays might occur.
  • Depending on the network environment or other factors, audio or video dropout, delays, lower frame rates, or other loss of correct operation might occur.
  • The protocols used by this system must be supported.
  • The network bandwidth required by each device when communicating are as follows. G.711: 64kbps x 2 (in communication), 64kbps x stations (on page) H.264: 32kbps - up to 2048kbps
  • IPv4 and IPv6 cannot be mixed in the same system.
  • When using multicasting for video, or audio, use in an environment that does not reject IGMPv3 or MLDv2.
  • If the Internet connection's uplink speed is slow, video may not be displayed properly. (An uplink speed of 16 Mbps or more is recommended.)
  • Intercom app may become unavailable for a certain period of time due to maintenance on the cloud server.
  • If the cloud server terminates the service, you will not be able to use the intercom app.
  • The intercom app will be unavailable while the Gateway Adapter firmware is being updated.
  • Due to the features and services provided by the Gateway Adaptor and the AIPHONE IXG app, future required changes to device functionality, network communication, security, etc. may require firmware updates unavailable to the Gateway Adaptor.
  • In this situation, the Gateway Adaptor would need to be replaced at the cost of the responsible party.