Flexible system configuration to meet your specific application

System Configuration

Number of station registrations in address book

Model number Description Number of station registrations in address book
IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B, IX-MV7-W, IX-MV*1 Master Station Expanded mode 9999 stations Standard mode 500 stations
IX-RS-B, IX-RS-W Handset Sub Station 20 stations*2
IX-DV, IX-DVF, IX-DVF-P, IX-DVF-RA, IX-DVF-2RA, IX-DA*1 Video Door Station 20 stations*2
IX-SS-2G, IX-SSA, IX-SSA-RA, IX-SSA-2RA, IX-BA*1 Audio Only Door Station 20 stations*2

*1 IX-MV,IX-DA and IX-BA can not be used in expanded mode.
*2 Master stations, sub stations and Door Stations can be registered (Max 20). IX-DA and IX-BA can only register master stations.

Serverless Configuration Achieves Savings in Space and Installation Work, and Lower Costs

Typical Systems

Typical systems require a "separate server" and the attendant effort of installation work, maintenance and administration. In addition, the server requires a power supply.

IX System

The IX System is serverless, which eliminates the risk of system downtime due to server malfunction. New IX Door Stations can be used to connect IP cameras.

*1 When PoE passthrough function is used, the IX unit must be connected to an IEEE 802.3at compatible PoE switch or hub.