Flexible system configuration to meet your specific application

System Configuration

Number of station registrations in address book

Product number Product name Number of station registrations in address book
IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B, IX-MV7-W Master Station Expanded mode 9998 stations Standard mode 500 stations
IX-SOFT Intercom Application for PC Expanded mode 9998 stations Standard mode 499 stations
IX-RS-B, IX-RS-W Handset Sub Station 20 stations*1
IX-DV, IX-DVF, IX-DVF-P, IX-DVF-RA, IX-DVF-2RA, IX-DVM, IX-EA, IX-DB Video Door Station 20 stations*1
IX-SS-2G, IX-SSA, IX-SSA-RA, IX-SSA-2RA, IX-BB Audio Only Door Station 20 stations*1

*1 Master stations, sub stations and Intercom applications can be registered (Max. 20).

Serverless Configuration Achieves Savings in Space and Installation Work, and Lower Costs

Typical Systems

Typical systems require a "separate server" and the attendant effort of installation work, maintenance and administration. In addition, the server requires a power supply.

IX System

The IX System is serverless, which eliminates the risk of system downtime due to server malfunction. The IX door stations*3 can be used to connect IP cameras.

*2 When PoE passthrough function is used, the IX unit must be connected to an IEEE 802.3at compatible PoE switch or hub.
*3 Except IX-DVM, IX-EA, IX-DB, IX-SS-2G, IX-BB.