Custom settings for all situations

Call Queuing

Master stations can receive up to 20 incoming calls simultaneously. Caller information is displayed on a call queue list, making it possible to respond selectively to high-priority calls.

Call queuing screen.

Page to all stations or individual groups

Paging to all*1 stations and paging to preset specific groups is possible. Message data registered in the master station can be transmitted manually or according to a schedule. Paging amplifiers and external sound sources can be connected for additional coverage and options.

*1 Up to 500 stations

Paging system.

Customize with prerecorded messages

Create and import custom audio files for use as unique voice messages. For visitors at door stations, voice messages let them know the door and communication status.

Use custom messages as ring tones to identify locations and call priorities. For security guards / receptionists at master stations, customized voice messages help to identify incoming calls and special situations instantly.

Customize with prerecorded messages.

Notification of call and communication status

Indicator lamps and sounds or voice messages provide notification of call and communication status for security and peace of mind.

Notification of call and status.

Unicast / Multicast

Depending on the network infrastructure, you can choose sending data via Unicast or Multicast. Paging to all stations included in a system can be done using Multicast. Using Unicast, paging up to 50 stations is possible.

Send E-mail reports

When master stations are called, IX System can send an E-mail attached with the visitor's picture up to 3 E-mail addresses. Error and health check reports can be also sent via E-mail.

Send E-mail reports

A wide range of call transfer features

The system offers multiple call transfer features that can be customised to meet user demands.

Manual transfer

Calls can be placed on hold and transferred to another master station manually by the operator.

Manual transfer flow.

Delay transfer

If no response occurs within a set interval, calls are automatically transferred to a pre-programmed master station.

Delay transfer flow.

Absent transfer

Calls are automatically transferred to a different master station immediately.

Absent transfer flow.

Schedule transfer

Calls are automatically transferred to a preset master station during scheduled times, such as after normal business hours.

Schedule transfer flow.

Application-specific individual calls and simultaneous calls to multiple devices

Multiple calling methods suitable for various applications can be provided. Meet all user communication needs at the installation premises.

Individual calls

Master station can call and talk with each station individually.

Individual calls

Group calls (master station)

Up to 50 stations can be called at one time. (Up to 50*4 or 99*5 groups can be registered)

*4 Standard mode
*5 Expanded mode (IX-MV is incompatible)

Group calls (master station)

Group calls (door station / sub station)

Up to 20 stations can be called at one time. (Up to 10 groups can be registered)

Call preset groups. Groups can be switched according to preset schedules.

Group calls (door station / sub station)
Call destination change

Powerful and clear sound in all situations

Conversations can be heard clearly while talking even in places with background noise.
Integrate with PA systems for even more flexibility and power.

Powerful and clear sound

Audio and video recording

In addition to integration with a third party recording system, video and audio can be recorded on a micro SD card in the IX master stations and door stations.

Master station

Recorded video and audio can be played on master stations, PCs and other devices.

IX System can record the content of the conversation with video. This is useful for improving the quality of customer support.

Master station

*6 IX-MV, IX-RS-B and IX-RS-W do not have a micro SD slot for recording.

Door station

Video recording / two-way audio recording while talking

* Continuous recording mode also available

Access recordings through network. Play on a PC, etc.

Door stations can also be used as independent surveillance cameras. Recorded data can be saved on the unit even if network communication is disrupted.

Video recording / two-way audio recording while talking

*7 IX-SS-2G, IX-DB and IX-BB do not have a micro SD slot for recording.

3rd Party NVR / VMS

Video & Audio Recording

* Continuous recording mode also available

Integrate with NVR / VMS and use as a CCTV camera replacement or complement your existing system.

Video & Audio Recording

Two-way video call

The IX master stations are embedded with a camera for two-way video communication.*8

Office A, Office B

*8 only for IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B and IX-MV7-W

Reception mode

The IX master stations include a reception mode for reception desks. Communicate directly with tenant offices from unmanned receptions with video.*9

Unmanned Reception, Tenant Office

*9 only for IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B and IX-MV7-W

IP camera integration

Link IP cameras with IX units. This allows you to see 2 video images at the same time, convert audio-only stations to video stations or add intercom functionality to existing cameras.*10

Video IX Unit + IP Camera, Audio IX Unit + IP Camera

*10 only for IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B, IX-MV7-W and IX-SOFT

Automatic system status supervision

Two modes of supervision - network connection status and unit function status. Use the IX master station or your PC to find problems quickly and accurately to provide the utmost communication reliability.*11

Network Monitoring Unit function Monitoring

*11 only for IX-MV7-HB, IX-MV7-HW, IX-MV7-B, IX-MV7-W and IX-SOFT

IX Intercom application for PC (IX-SOFT)

The software offers the same features as a physical IX master station. Video and audio communication, door release, monitoring and paging can all be done through the software.

IX-SOFT & License authentication USB dongle image

*12 Download the software from here to the PC.
*13 USB dongle must be connected to PC while using software.

Audio and video recording on PC

The software can record the video and audio from conversations automatically or manually. Up to 999 recorded files can be saved and can viewed by selection through the Recordings function.

Audio and video recording on PC image

Speed dial buttons

The speed dial buttons can be used to quickly perform functions that have been pre-assigned. Up to 50 favorite buttons can be configured.

Max. 50 Favorite Buttons

Interactive map is a visual, efficient way of selecting stations

Interactive map allows system operation and status from a bird's eye view via station icons.

Layering maps provides the ability to zoom into specific areas for easier selection. (campus, building, floor, etc.)

Layering maps, and Efficient way of selecting stations.

Mullion Door Station (IX-DVM)

The Smart and Slender contactless door station to suit the "New Normal"

Slim design, suitable for door mullion

Able to be installed in a variety of Locations, such as entrance in offi­ce buildings, commercial facilities, and outdoor gates.

Entrance in offi­ce buildings image

Contactless call sensor

Calls just by holding a hand over the sensor without pressing the physical call button. Employed algorithms reduce false calls caused by sensing rain, snow, and dust etc.

Laser radiation(invisible) image

Clear panoramic view

Corrects wide-angle lens distortion and adjusts video images for easy viewing all the way to the edge.

Approx.170° angle wide view camera
Before distortion correction, After distortion correction

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Corrects for differences in brightness and darkness, such as in backlighting, and provides natural video images that allow to clearly see both visitor and the background.
As a surveillance camera with high-performance video correction and communication functions, IX-DVM is ideal for the Video Sentry of security doors.

VMS/NVR(Third party product)
Before video correction, After video correction